Zenocean headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland have operated for over 20 years as an independent subsea engineering and project management contractor with the explicit intent of bridging the gap between the front-end aspects of screening and selection of development options, to the subsea design environment and the offshore operational activities involved in subsea installation, intervention, repair, maintenance and decommissioning.

Our expertise and discipline helps to ensure that a client’s development project is completed in the most cost-effective manner, as it eliminates the duplication of work that commonly arises in multi-phase projects, in which different departments and different companies may be responsible for each element of the project.

Zenocean’s philosophy

Zenocean’s philosophy of ‘walking the job’ requires a broad technical capability to support all aspects of subsea engineering from concept through to abandonment. This broad perspective is the cornerstone of our organisation. We have brought together engineers, designers, analysts, surveyors, project managers and experienced offshore personnel under one roof and their linked insight provides a fertile ground for innovative thinking. This in-house capability is supported by alliances with key providers of specialist services to provide the complete subsea engineering and project management capability.

As organisations concentrate on their core business and contractors assume responsibility for increasingly complex scopes of work, the potential for rework and resultant cost over-runs is considerable. In an era where cost reduction is critical to the future of our industry, the ability to apply effective project and operations management throughout the life-cycle of an offshore development is critical.

The why, how, where and when

At Zenocean we have captured the knowledge and learning which spans this life-cycle from concept and design, through manufacture and installation to operations and eventual decommissioning, and apply this to the interfaces between the phases of the job, between different departments and between different companies, where the risk of rework is so great. In this way we ensure that the specification expresses the customer’s desires and that the deliverable fulfils their needs.

The currency in which we all trade is information – the why, how, where and when – and through our capabilities in analysis, design, installation, in-service evaluation, intervention, repair and decommissioning, we manage and apply this information. It is this application that is the key to our success.

Managing Directors Message

To many people Zenocean is a well known name having been in business for some twenty years, to some it may be less well known, however, the constituent parts of Zenocean, our parent company and the people who work in them, bring decades of experience to bear on behalf of our clients.

However, experience in itself is not enough to deliver the world class performance which we seek. Outstanding performance delivered year-in and year-out is a function of how our people behave, how we interact with colleagues, our customers and the public at large. Our job as leaders is to provide a behavioural framework within which our people can function effectively. In turn our employees are responsible for adopting our core principles and applying these on behalf of all our stakeholders – our fellow staff, our shareholders and our customers.

These core principles are easily expressed:


  • At all times we will act with integrity, fairness and transparency.
  • We will comply with all prevailing legal, regulatory and statutory requirements in each country in which we work.
  • We will not tolerate corruption in any form.
  • High standards of corporate governance is an integral part of how we do business.

Our People

  • We will treat people fairly, with respect and decency.
  • We will provide a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel.
  • We will help people to develop and fulfil their potential.
  • We will provide support for our staff to deal with any problems that arise, either in the workplace or in their personal lives.


  • We will work with communities in which we operate to ensure that Zenocean makes a positive contribution to each community.
  • We will listen to the communities in which we operate and take account of any concerns expressed about Zenocean’s operations.
  • We will support human rights in all communities in which we operate.

The Environment

  • We will strive to reduce, as far as reasonably practicable, the impact of the company’s activities on the environment.
  • We will comply with and, where possible, exceed local, national and international regulations on environmental protection.

Our statement of Corporate Responsibility

All of these commitments add up to our statement of Corporate Responsibility and as we develop, our challenge will be to meet the high standards that we have set. I am confident that we will do so as we have assembled a talented and committed team which I am proud to lead. However continuous improvement requires feedback in order to assess how well we are doing and to identify areas where our performance could be improved. To this end I welcome comments from anyone with an interest in what Zenocean is doing.

Please send any such comments or feedback to jmclean@zenocean.com

Zenocean – Think Different.

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