Zenocean has developed a considerable expertise in Operations Management relating to subsea oil and gas production infrastructure. Zenocean has provided support to a number of Operators in the areas of inspection, repair and maintenance, upgrades and field expansion.

Facilities include

  • Tullich
  • Murchison Platform
  • Gryphon FPSO
  • Janice FPU
  • Galley Field Pipelines
  • Hutton TLP
  • Banff FPSO
  • Ninian North, South and Central Platforms
  • Leadon GP3
  • Lyell
  • Maclure

Zenocean Services

  • Subsea Integrity
  • Preparation and supervision of annual subsea inspections.
  • Provision of survey and geo-technical consultancy for seabed surveys, site investigations, environmental surveys etc.
  • Planning and preparation of any field upgrade work.
  • Audit of contractors, contractors’ vessels and rigs.
  • Representation by Zenocean personnel on UKOOA committees and other industry bodies.
  • Facilities Management
  • Detailed OPEX modelling
  • Design verification
  • Due Diligence
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