Zenocean are well experienced in assisting clients in creating value across the entire process from concept to production. One of our core strengths is recognising where interfaces can cause the potential for rework – the biggest cost our industry faces by far.

We place particular focus on interfaces with the firm objective of reducing, or if at all possible, totally eliminating the potential for rework. Zenocean have ‘actual’ in-water experience which is brought to bear on developments, even considering the issues of eventual decommissioning at a very early concept stage.

We will provide a full development team, or part of a team to interface with clients resources to take a project from concept, through definition and execution into production. We can work to our own management systems, or interface with a client’s own stage gate process.

Project life-cycle

The life-cycle of a project offers an ideal model to illustrate how Zenocean can deliver such business solutions:

Project Life Cycle
Field Development
Field Development
Feasibility Is the concept viable?
Definition What should it look like?
Preliminary Design How can it be built? What will it cost?
Detailed Engineering/Design Produce the manufacturing drawings
Procurement Buy the necessary pieces
Construction/Fabrication Put it together
Installation Put it on location
Commissioning Make sure it works
Operation Keep it working and well maintained
Decommissioning Remove it from the location
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